What our customers have to say!

'' Post 10 mile run review (pink socks) : FANTASTIC! Run in the damp and they were ideal, up there with the best socks I've worn.''

- Steve 

'' I did get to test these bad boy leggings from happystride out & they felt like a dream. So comfy & soft & no sliding down/riding up (it does happen with some leggings when I run) so they 100% get my vote - well done guys on producing top quality funky training gear!!!''

- Hannah

'' I have 5 pairs of shorts.. from the bananas right at the start all the way through to the tropical and rainbow shorts recently purchased! Why so many?? I’ve been working out everyday during lockdown and they are just awesome for the sports I play.. hockey and netball - so comfy, so stretchy, so light and for actual 🏃‍♀️.. same reasons but the pockets are awesome and the inner shorts are a godsend! They are my ‘go to’ work from home kit.. cos.. you know.. comfy and I’ve even been known to sleep in them, and kayak.. and paddle board.. all in all.. #awesome #ilovehappystride''

- Jeanette

'' So. Very. Comfy.''

- Pete

'' Sooooo comfy!!!! Thank you!!! ''

- Natasha

'' So comfy & different. Was so fed up of black! ''

- Katy

'' So comfy.. And a pocket big enough for my stupidly large phone 👍🏻.. Plus I love leopard print 😉 ''

- Carole 

'' So comfy, no chafing and, number 1 priority for me, there's not only 1 pocket (that fits a phone) but 2! The 2nd one being a secret one, so secret I didn't even realise it was there at first! 😂👍 ''

- Kim 

'' So comfy, whether running, walking or climbing😀 And the large pocket is brilliant, holds my large phone, keys and a little snack! Just taken mine for a tour around Windermere 😃 ''

- Debbie

'' They are so comfortable and I love the style of them. They brighten up every run or any exercise! I also love spotting other ‘happystriders’ and saying hello! It’s like a little community 😍 ''

- Lucy

'' The modesty shorts underneath, light and dry quickly, good quality fabric and fabulous design. Wash and wear 😍 love them ''

 - Lorrain

'' Pure comfort!! The best.. just wish I found them in the spring, not at the end of summer!😂 ''

- Tash

'' The pockets... both of them and their uniqueness 😬''

- Samantha

'' I love the fact they stay where you put them! No pulling up or down whilst running! 👏😂''

- Lesley 

''I love their shorts and thought I'd try their leggings too...safe to say I was not disappointed. Running or gyming their clothes are my favourite!''

- Hannah

''These are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. They make you feel so amazing and confident. I have now ordered my second pair!! I am addicted lol. Awesome product and great delivery. Happy stride 100% amazing.''


''They fit perfectly! The phone pocket even fits my big iphone plus which hasn't fit in any of my legging phone pockets so far.''

- Andi

''These are my now favourite go to lockdown leggings. The waist band is really high so great for working out and running around after my children. They offer support and movement and are a vibrant colour for some fun.''

- Jemma

''Love the leggings! The high waist is a game changer for yoga when you're in different poses...literally doesn't budge which is what you need!''

- Atissa

''I think your shorts make me run faster. The key pocket was the best (better than me hiding it under the mat)''

- Rebecca 

''The shorts are excellent, been running for over 30 years and without a doubt the best I have ever worn, so comfortable and the pocket size is excellent for my phone. Looking forward to your new styles you bring out.''

- Tony

''These shorts are the best I've worn, stand out from the crowd and brighten up the dull runs! Excellent quality great design and amazing features. I am ready to buy my next pair!''

- Steve

''Absolutely love them! Perfect fit, love the little short lining, so comfy and don't ride up! well chuffed! I've been looking for shorts like this for like ever!''

- Nina

''Wow.wow.wow. Just worn them for the 1st time and they are perfect. Great fit and really light and great pocket too. Will certainly be ordering more.''

- Andrew 

''Second purchase of the happystride shorts....the first pair were so good and comfortable for running in, I needed another pair. Great designs that I want them all....so good, even sent a pair to a running friend for their birthday!!!''

- James

''I am so impressed with the shorts, they are so comfy. I've worn mine for spinning and chilling - they're perfect for both. The inner short is something I couldn't find on other workout shorts and it makes such a difference.''

- Hannah

''I have to say, the shorts are super comfy, light and have a quality race look to them. Very happy customer!!''

-Sam Wall (Bags Bootcamp)

''I can highly recommend happystride shorts! Really comfortable, very practical and they look great. Lots of fun designs which put an even bigger smile on people's faces whilst running - Go get a pair!''


“Comfortable lairy pair of shorts. Good length. The lining holds it all in well. Handy zip pocket to fit my iphone X and useful hidden key pocket. Made me run faster too!”


“High quality fabric and super comfortable to wear! A unique item on the market place and definitely stand out at Park Run! First class customer service and fast delivery! Would recommend to Runners of all standards! Thank you!”


“Finally a new company bringing out fresh designs to replace the bland designs repped from athletes across the globe. Extremely comfy, very well designed and love the personalised vibes from the owners!”


“Love my happystrides. Great to have a pair of shorts that stands out from the crowd as most running shorts are pretty boring. The integrated skin layer is super comfy. They also work well as beach/pool wear too. Looking forward to the new print designs and iPhone pocket on the new editions.


“I love my banana shorts. They bring a smile to my face every time I pull them on. I even wear them for swimming.”


“Love the happystride shorts. Really comfortable to run in, light weight and they have a really useful pocket in the back for keys, etc. I often do long runs in them and have never had chafing. Really great, fun designs which stand out from the usual dismal short designs!”


“Bought a pair of happystride's after seeing them on social. 100% the comfiest, most versatile sports shorts I own. I opted for the bananas with the under shorts, genius!”


“Loving the Parrot shorts!! Look cool, but also super comfy and light - after wearing them in training I chose to wear them on a 100km Ultra Marathon and they were perfect - 10/10!”


“Hey! Just took my parrot shorts out for their first spin! They're great, so comfortable! I'm an awkward size too and they fit perfectly!”


“Who TF would say no???? These are beauties!!”