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We have so much love for our happystride community ❤️ You guys are so inspiring and we want to get to know you a little better...and we know others would like to as well.

SO we bring you to....the next post in our blog series ..."Inspiring striding"!!! We have the brilliant Anna Prowse join us!🖊

We are sooo pleased to have Anna as our guest! Anna got into running in 2018 and has run 26 marathons!

So if you want to know Anna's top 3 running tips and what her running club Southend Flyers means to her then read on!

Thanks so much Anna for joining in with our blog ❤️

How long have you been running for and how did you originally get into it?

I originally started running in 2018 after a back injury prevented me from doing my usual exercise which was zumba and the occasional gym session. I was never interested in running, hated the idea of it but my husband suggested going for a run. It seemed to take forever, and I never envisaged ever going again until he suggested Parkrun... The rest ,they say, is history.

What’s your greatest running achievement?

I would say my greatest running achievement was completing my first marathon. I ran Brighton marathon in April 2019, less than a year after my first run.

Where is your favourite place to run?

In my opinion, I love running along Southend Seafront. I love it when the sun is shining, looking out to sea with my running tunes on, waving at passerbys and fellow runners. I have been known to indulge in a bit of 5k karaoke (inspired by the late Giles Pettitt, a running friend) also.

What are your top 3 running tips?

Tip 1- Never say never. I never thought I'd run a marathon, not only because of my disability but because I lack confidence in my abilities. Here I am having recently completed my 26th Marathon.

Tip 2- Fuel well. Fuelling is under estimated. It can make or break a run and should never be overlooked.

Tip 3 - Wear Happystrides! They are comfortable, practical and gets you talking to people. (Those that know me, know how I love to talk!)

What does your running schedule typically look like and how do you fit it into your life?

My running schedule is a little bit sporadic due to working in a school as I'm more productive during school holidays.

Usually I aim to run 4 times a week (always Parkrun on Saturday and Long Run or event on a Sunday) but if I can't manage the mid week runs I go to the gym instead. As the weather is improving I am trying to be disciplined in the mid week runs especially since the mornings are lighter. 

What’s your dream race?

I would love to do a marathon abroad, Seville is looking promising for 2025.

Who are your running inspirations and why?

I love the "non typical" runner. Those who had self doubt and achieved a run against all odds. There are so many people out there who never thought they could. The people who run to support others or assist their own mental health are true inspirations. Those who work and have families who always smile and manage to get out for themselves and for their friends. They inspire me. 

We understand you’re a member of the Southend flyers running club, tell us a bit about it and what it means to you?

Flyers means EVERYTHING! A true group of supportive friends who have changed my life for the better. During Covid it was members of Flyers who showed true compassion and kindness towards myself and my family. Home visits, phone calls, drop offs of goodies  as I had to shield due to asthma.

Flyers is more than a running group, it's community, friendship and sounds like a cliché, but family. Since being a member of Flyers Southend I have achieved more than I ever would have imagined. I owe them so much.

What’s your favourite happystride pattern and why?

Just one?

Currently "Cheetah's Always win" as they are my latest addition and I love the matchy matchy atire. I have the shorts, sunglasses and the buff... I should get the socks really!

If you could design the next pair of happystride shorts, what pattern would you choose and why?

It would have to be something Summery. I have a tattoo on my wrist of Sun, Sea and flipflops so maybe something like that. Or something musical-musical notes with guitars, drums and microphones... I'd call it "Thank you for the Music!".

Wow, thank you so much Anna for joining us and answering our questions! Stay tuned for our next 'inspiring striding' blog in our series where we will have another inspiring guest!

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