Our happystride journey - the beginning

Combining Pete’s love of running, and Sam’s passion for brands (alongside her when-she-feels-like-it ‘passion’ for running), they launched a fun new running clothing brand which inspires happy running and wellbeing.

happystride; inspiring happy running & minds

Sam and Pete have always wanted to ‘start a business’ and knowing that some of the best businesses are built on passion  – something that Pete definitely has for running - it felt a running related idea was spot on.

Pete loves running. Whether it’s a marathon, half marathon, 10k, parkrun or an ultra-marathon of a 100 miles. He loves it and it makes him happy.

“Who isn’t happy during and when they finish a run?” says Pete. “It helps me with all areas in my life including mental health & wellbeing and when I finish a training run or race… I feel pumped for life.”

“After reading ‘Shoe Dog’, Phil Knight’s book on how he launched Nike,” Pete explains, “it got me feeling inspired to consider opportunities in the market for running clothing. A few days after, I ran a local race and looked at this photo afterwards. I noticed a lot of boring black shorts... including my own!”

So, after some research on starting a business, a few late nights and coffee meetings later.....

...happystride was born!

We specialise in fun, bright & functional coloured running & fitness shorts, sunglasses, leggings, tops & other stuff to inspire all types of runners to be happy in their striding; from those in training, running along trails, running in races, running on the roads or hitting the gym. Our clothes are perfect for all fitness activities!

Better than just wearing a bunch of bananas on your shorts is that we make a donation from each sale to mental health charities.

We live through the phrase WCCS (World Class Customer Service) and always welcome feedback and new ideas to help happystride grow into the business that we dream it can be. 

Thanks for the support!

Happy striding!

Pete & Sam Goldring